Strategic Action Plan News


The Working Party for the Strategic Action Plan have been nominated for a Resilient Australia Community. Award. This is a national program that recognises and promotes initiatives that strengthen community disaster resilience across the nation. The whole community is to be congratulated on their collaboration and contribution to the Plan.

Take a look at the Strategic Action Plan.

Outcomes of Familiarity Tour


This opportunity for Councillors and Senior Staff to visit with Forum has assisted in bringing about the following positive results:

Jacobs Drive  – Streetscape fully funded for entire works to begin alter this year.

Revitalisation of Village Centre

Ellmoos Reserve – Shoalhaven Water – Water Filling Station Installed

Chris Creek Boat Ramp– repaired- extension of ramp planned

Chris Creek Bridge Pathway – three possible designs for stand alone pathway being considered

Community Church – Councillors, State Government representatives, Council and   Community assisting and supporting campaign. Public Rally Planned for 12th August.

Streetscape one step closer and one step back

At the public meeting to the SCC Delivery Program and Operational Plans (DPOP), on 8th May, Forum secretary made representation to Council asking why there was no provision for Stage Two of the Sreetscape in the  the budget papers presented and put the case for provision of funds for its completion.

The minutes of the May 16th Shoalhaven City Council Strategy and Assets Committee Meeting, 16th May 2017 records that Forum again made a deputation to Council at that meeting and through a Budget Review, the Streetscape is one step closer to being completed in its entirety. The recommendation to fund the entire streetscape has yet to be ratified at an Ordinary Meeting of Council, however, the Forum is confident of a positive result and thanks those involved in bringing about this review and recommendation.

CLICK HERE to view plan – Sussex Inlet Streetscape Upgrade

Council Familiarity Tour

Shoalhaven City Councillors and senior staff were guided on a most successful familiarity tour around the district on Friday 12th May by Forum. Within the time limit set, three main sites were visited and there was an opportunity for the visitors to experience our village in action and to converse with people in the street and Community Church Hall.

Jacobs Drive:

The tour began with a walk down Jacobs Drive from the beginning of the village centre to the river and back again to have the visitors take in the current streetscape in light of the proposed plans to upgrade that section.
The work, which has been planned and promised for decades, is finally to begin this year.

Ellmoos Reserve: site for a waterfilling station to be installed.

Chris Creek: inspection of boat ramp for repair.

Chris Creek Bridge: inspection of present conditions and for future planning of a new, stand alone shared pathway for safety of pedestrians, cyclists and those reliant on mobility scooters.

Community Church Hall:
Forum organised for Bill Hunter, church treasurer, to address Councillors and Senior Staff when lunching in the Church hall. He explained current situation facing the Church and the possible future of the Community Church and its service to the community.

The ukulele band members were in practise in the hall and provided most enjoyable luncheon entertainment for our visitors.

The Forum thanks the Councillors and Senior Staff for taking this opportunity to visit and consider the revitalisation of Sussex Inlet village and getting to know Sussex and surrounds.

Mayor Amanda Findley was unable to attend on Friday, but toured the same sites, and more on Saturday, also taking in the vibrancy of markets.

Forum continues its endeavour to have extra funds provided by Council to compete the street upgrade in one continuous stage through 2016/17 and 2107/18 budgets.