Streetscape one step closer and one step back

At the public meeting to the SCC Delivery Program and Operational Plans (DPOP), on 8th May, Forum secretary made representation to Council asking why there was no provision for Stage Two of the Sreetscape in the  the budget papers presented and put the case for provision of funds for its completion.

The minutes of the May 16th Shoalhaven City Council Strategy and Assets Committee Meeting, 16th May 2017 records that Forum again made a deputation to Council at that meeting and through a Budget Review, the Streetscape is one step closer to being completed in its entirety. The recommendation to fund the entire streetscape has yet to be ratified at an Ordinary Meeting of Council, however, the Forum is confident of a positive result and thanks those involved in bringing about this review and recommendation.

CLICK HERE to view plan – Sussex Inlet Streetscape Upgrade


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