– Footpaths, Cycle ways and Shared Pathways Sussex Inlet & District 2018 now lodged with Council

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This draft document is a result of the Sussex Inlet & Districts Strategic Action Plan 2015-2030 recognising the need for an improved network of shared pathways to better link the district.

The Action Plan identified that with an ageing population needing better and safer access to services and amenity, particularly for those using mobility scooters and wheel chairs, as well as improved safety and access to school for students and parents on foot.

Consistent with Government and Council belief, The Action Plan also identified the integration and connection of a cycling network will lead to the creation of safe and accessible travel routes that will improve the liveability, sustainability and tourism [potential of the district while in turn encourage people of all ages to use bikes for everyday transport and enjoyment.

Take time to read and consider the document.

The document was  the main Agenda item at the  Monday 20 August  Forum meeting. At this and further meetings the document was reviewed and updated. The posted document has now been lodged with Shoalhaven City Council, relevant Department and staff for their reference. The document is a living document and as such will be reviewed and added to as required through consultation with Council and the Community

To access  document and plans click this link.

Footpaths Cycleways DocumentV4


The shared pathway being constructed by the Sussex Rise Developer looks great- our Sussex Seabridge.

When completed this will be another safe link creating connectivity for our community.

The pathway between Hastings Street in Sussex Rise and Seaberry Street will lead onto Thomson Street Complex pathway, the pool, the school and beyond.

 Pathway Under Construction




Fast Tracking for CUDMIRRAH – Errol Bond Reserve New Toilet Facility

Construction to begin in November 2018.



Pictured are Forum representatives with  , Council staff Damien Leahy on site at Errol Bond Reserve, Cudmirrah,


Vice Chairperson, Kerry Howes reported to the April Meeting that the committee had a second on site meeting with Council staff regarding the proposed siting new toilet facilities at Chris Creek and Errol Bond Reserve, Cudmirrah.


Both toilets will be unisex and would be of the same design as at Swan Lake.


Council had conditions regarding availability and proximity of electricity for lighting and water and sewerage lines and network. Therefore Council’s preferred site at Chris Creek was near the road where the path turns onto the reserve. Kerry showed photos of this site. Forum Committee concurred with this decision, however, nearby property owners have yet to be consulted. The other possible site would be near the trees by water where the portable toilet has been placed. This facility is planned to be constructed in the near future before Council’s Chris Creek crossing and pathway project is begun.


At Errol Bond Reserve, Cudmirrah, the same requirements had been considered and Council’s preferred site was in a clear site by a large tree under the hill near where the entrance road turns into the car park.

Both toilets will be unisex and would be of the same design as at Swan Lake.

This facility was to be in the 19/20 budget and is on priority list. The male toilet has been decommissioned and the remaining existing toilet has been configured as a unisex toilet. Anyone using the facility can actually lock the entrance door once inside.


Forum has requested that Council fast track the new replacement facility at Errol Bond Reserve, Cudmirrah, because there are community concerns for personal safety of children, in particular, that could arise due to the reconfiguration and design of the one remaining toilet building at the reserve.




Streetscape Update- Revitalising Sussex Inlet- Council Newsfeed Item 14/2/18

Shoalhaven City Council will shortly commence works to revitalise the streetscape along Jacobs drive, Sussex Inlet.

Mayor Amanda Findley said the $875,000 project was long overdue and the village had not seen improvements since the early 1980’s.

“I am delighted that this project is underway as the Sussex Inlet street scaping project is a key priority for this village,” Cl Findley said.

“Designs for the street scaping project were developed in conjunction with the residents over a period of months in 2017 and it’s wonderful to see work underway.”

“The Sussex Inlet Community Forum and Business Chamber have been a significant driving force during the consultation period and deserve congratulations for working closely with Council staff in finding the right solution.”

“The street scaping works will see new trees, new benches and new bins installed along Jacobs Drive.”

“The revitalisation of the main street will see many long term benefits for both business owners and the community who who visit this vibrant community precinct.

“Traffic and pedestrians will be affected from approximately 159 Jacobs Drive to 209 Jacobs Drive, near the foreshore.”

Council and the contractor will do their best to minimise inconvenience to the community during construction and appreciate the community’s patience during this time.Work will officially commence on Monday 19th February and are set to be completed by te end of June, weather permitting.