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This draft document is a result of the Sussex Inlet & Districts Strategic Action Plan 2015-2030 recognising the need for an improved network of shared pathways to better link the district.

The Action Plan identified that with an ageing population needing better and safer access to services and amenity, particularly for those using mobility scooters and wheel chairs, as well as improved safety and access to school for students and parents on foot.

Consistent with Government and Council belief, The Action Plan also identified the integration and connection of a cycling network will lead to the creation of safe and accessible travel routes that will improve the liveability, sustainability and tourism [potential of the district while in turn encourage people of all ages to use bikes for everyday transport and enjoyment.

Take time to read and consider the document.

The document was  the main Agenda item at the  Monday 20 August  Forum meeting. At this and further meetings the document was reviewed and updated. The posted document has now been lodged with Shoalhaven City Council, relevant Department and staff for their reference. The document is a living document and as such will be reviewed and added to as required through consultation with Council and the Community

To access  document and plans click this link.

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