The recent  one hour bus tour with Council Directors, GeneralManger, Mayor and Councillors was an excellent opportunity to bring to the attention of Council a number of issues in the best way possible. This was a great opportunity to have those who make decisions or have managerial and operational responsibility see sites and issues for themselves, just as the town walk last year helped ensure the Street scape was to be completed in one continuous stage.

Below this notice is a link to the booklet Forum presented to all the tourists at the end of the tour.


MURALS – Proposed Community Project – Town Centre Revitalisation. Forum announced to Council that Forum is in the process of writing a proposal and applying for a grant for a community hands-on project to further enhance the town centre. Murals with the theme our history, our heritage are to be installed along the metal fence bounding the Peace Park and the bakery. It is envisioned that this project will be under the guidance and advice of recognised local artists, individuals experienced in this type of artistic project and realised through the assistance and work, in kind, by local schools, clubs and groups.

STREETSCAPE – the need to have the excellent paving in Jacobs Drive to continue through driveways to complete the excellent works in the manner that the Community expects.

CINEMA – It was requested that Council consider repainting of this Council property to further revitalise the town centre.

SUSSEX BEACH– The total vegetative obstruction of the iconic view of coastline from the public lookout at Sussex (Cudmirrah) Beach  at the Surf Club was experienced by the tourists and the inability to view the beach to the right from the platform/ lookout position is a concern to the community with tourism the mainstay of our economy and so was brought to the attention of Council.

DOGS OFF LEASH CAMPAIGN – SUSSEX/CUDMIRRAH BEACH -The stretch of Cudmirrah Beach identified in the Community’s Proposed Unlimited Dogs Off Leash Beach area trial was shown from Sussex Beach. Forum has long lobbied Council for an off leash area on the beach and supported the Red Bandanna Dogs who took up the banner.

On 26th June, 2018, The Red Bandanna Dogs Campaign, a motion to Council by Deputy Mayor, Patricia White and the supporting vote of a majority of Councillors has successfully resulted in a trial to be undertaken on a section of the beach. The timing of the trial is yet to be announced.

CUDMIRRAH and BERRARA – LOOKOUTS and RESERVES – The Council tourists were taken to the headland lookouts and enjoyed the magnificent views and watching the whale that appeared – on cue-at Third Avenue Lookout. The general amenity of the reserves, and construction, safety and maintenance of the lookouts were inspected.

ACCESS FOR ALL – the suitability for, and the possibility of, Third Avenue Reserve to be developed and upgraded to be not only beach access and a Whale Watching Lookout or viewing platform, but an inclusive passive recreation, picnic and playground reserve , accessible to all was presented to the Council.

ALL THIS IN JUST ONE HOUR ! – so we presented all the Council tourists with a booklet to remind them of the tour. A link to the document follows:

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