Forum Mural Project – Our History Our Heritage – Unveiled 13th July 2019















INSTALLATION                                           Official Opening of Streetscape and                                                                                                                                                Unveiling of Mural


Robert Simpson         OUR  AWARD WINNING LOCAL ARTISTS         Kylie Douglass

Kerry painting the fence 

Kerry Painting the Fence                 Planning                                            Steven at Work

FORUM MURAL PROJECT – Unveiled 13th July 2019

                                            OUR HISTORY OUR HERITAGE MURAL

The Mural Project, an initiative of the Sussex Inlet and Districts Community Forum (CCB), envisaged the involvement of the community as the town’s contribution to the recent streetscape to create a sense of place through understanding of the origins of the township. The Mural was unveiled in joint official Shoalhaven City Council ceremony with the opening of the Streetscape in Peace Park, Jacobs Drive.

Conceived by Forum and with concept and design by Artist, Kylie Douglass, who with the skills of Artist Robert Simpson, Signwriter Steven Douglass and Primary School Teacher Tiina Hill, engaging and directing the Sussex Inlet School students, have created an eye-catching and engaging “photographic” timeline that reflects our district’s history pre European settlement to the 1940’s.

School students printed single hand and arm prints to create a cohesive pattern behind the foreground. These images symbolically represent people, past and present, and our surrounding land, trees and forest. The blue background represents the river

The four mural panels were painted in artists’ studios and transported between school and the various studios

The community is gratified by what has so evidently been achieved through the collaborative, intergenerational contribution and efforts of many.

The Forum was awarded the Shoalhaven Arts Board Grant 2018/9 of $10 000 for Public Art- A Sense of Place. This grant was supplemented by a donation of $2 000 from the Chamber of Commerce, $ 500 from Sussex Lions Club and $3 000 from the Sussex Inlet RSL Club through the NSW Clubs Grants process.

This financial partnership allowed us to recompense our artists and signwriter who generously, initially, took on the project in the knowledge that although there was a grant we could apply for, our submission may not be successful, but we had a pledge of $2 000 from the Chamber of Commerce that could cover materials. They gave much of their work to the project in-kind and met and collaborated with fellow Artists and the Community Forum on concept, design development and gave valuable intellectual and artistic input to the proposal. Many, many hours of planning and painting have gone into each painting and panel.

Individual community member’s contributions, in-kind delivered a project worth much more than the funding of $15 500 and we acknowledge the contribution of the Shoalhaven Arts Board, organisations, clubs, groups and Individuals who made the realisation of the vision possible.

The worth of this project is not monetary, nor is it wholly in the mural itself, but is measured in the demonstrated spirit of enthusiasm and commitment of all who supported the project be it in principle,
practical, financial or in-kind coupled with the interest and pride engendered by the historic images, and, therefore, in the achievement of the aims and objectives of this project.

To enhance the project, Forum published and distributed two supplementary documents, The Ellmoos Story and Our History Our Heritage Sussex Inlet Mural brochure to give a background to the images and timeline. The Sussex Inlet History – Heritage Study Shoalhaven poster is installed next to the mural to further illustrate and explain the early history of our district.