strategic Action Plan Revised_2020.docx


The community derived Vision outlined in the Action Plan states:

Sussex Inlet and District remains a safe, strong, resilient, caring and sharing community respecting our natural environment whilst evolving into a more vibrant, inclusive, attractive and inviting place, providing more economic and social opportunities through a variety of recreational, social and cultural infrastructures that highlights the area and its connection to the water.

Important points of distinction to the Action Plan are:

  • The strategic Action Plan is a community plan NOT a government plan – it is owned by the Sussex Inlet and District Community and managed on behalf of the community by the Sussex Inlet and District Community Forum;
  • The Strategic Action Plan can best be described as an initiative: “Of the community, by the community, for the community”;
  • The overall aim of the strategic Action Plan is to improve the resilience of the Sussex Inlet and District Community to improve their ability to respond and recover from future natural hazards;
  • The plan provides a working mechanism for the Sussex Inlet and District Community to work towards higher degrees of self-determination;
  • The plan is a living document that will evolve and be continually revised. Every citizen of Sussex Inlet and District is encouraged to become involved;
  • The constant message for District residents (permanent or part-time) is: “If you want to improve or achieve something for the community then get involved with the Forum and the Action Plan”.
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