STREETSCAPE takes a step back


At the combined CCB Executive meeting on Thursday 11th October, with the Shoalhaven City Council General Manager and Directors, Sussex Forum secretary asked the General Manager what was happening with the Streetscape as it was understood works would to be starting in October this year and we had received no recent correspondence on the progress of the project

The secretary noted that the community and businesses had experienced decades of promises of a streetscape, but it not being realised over many years and wanted assurance that the works would go ahead as planned in its entirety

The problem as discussed that day with the General Manager and Acting Director of Assets and Works, was confirmed in writing by Council as requested, with the explanation for the delay as follows

  • The detailed design of the streetscape project has been completed and Council had invited tenders for construction.
  • Two tenders were submitted, however, they were deemed nonconforming for several reasons.
  • No contractor has been appointed.
  • Council is currently considering using Council’s internal workforce to deliver the project, but this will require adjustment to an already full construction program.
  • The other option is to re-tender the works.

Council will keep Forum updated when a construction program has been resolved- and say it will be next year before works start

Council assured us that the project remains in the budget for delivery this financial year (2017/18) and that they are committed to achieving that outcome.